Art. ID: IA3689IKA
Category: Brushes
EAN: 1700168368903
Weight: 0.006 kg

Availability: Quantity: Price: by request


Product details

Voltage setting, V:
[HT] Height, mm:
25.00 / 26.50
[TS] Thickness, mm:
[W] Width, mm:
Compatible OE numbersApplications
897138179, LR1100501, LR1100501B, LR1100502E, LR1100502F, LR1100502G, LR1100502J, LR1100-702, LR1100-703, LR1100705, LR1100705B, LR1100705C, LR1100705E, LR1100-708, LR1100-708B, LR1100710, LR1100710B, LR1100-710C, LR1100-711, LR1100-711B, LR1100-714, LR1100-715, LR1100-716, LR1100-716C, LR1100-716E, LR1100-720B, LR1100-720C, LR1100725, LR1100-725B, LR1100-725C, LR1110-701, LR1110-701B, LR1110703B, LR1110-704, LR1110705, LR1110705B, LR1110-706E, LR1110-706F, LR1110-707G, LR1110-707H, LR1110-707J, LR1110709, LR1110709B, LR1110710C, LR1110-710E, LR1110713, LR1125-701, LR1125-702B, LR1125-702C, LR1125-702F, LR1125-703C, LR1125-703E, LR1125-704, LR1125-704B, LR1125-704C, LR1125-705B, LR1125-706, LR1125-706B, LR150199, LR150449B, LR160-723, LR160-723B, LR160-724, LR160727, LR160728B, LR160728C, LR160728E, LR160729C, LR160-730, LR160-730C, LR160-733, LR165708, LR165708B, LR165708C, LR165708E, LR165-709, LR165-709B, LR170-501C, LR170502B, LR170502C, LR170-503, LR170504, LR170504B, LR170505, LR170505B, LR170509C, LR170509E, LR170509F, LR170511, LR170511B, LR170-725, LR170-725B, LR170732, LR170732B, LR170732C, LR170-734, LR170734B, LR170738, LR170738B, LR170738C, LR170738E, LR170739, LR170739B, LR170-740, LR170-740B, LR170741, LR170-742, LR170746G, LR170746K, LR170-746M, LR170749B, LR170-749C, LR170-749E, LR170-749F, LR170-752, LR170-752C, LR170-761B, LR170-763, lr170768, LR180504, LR180-506B, LR180-507, LR180-507B, LR180-508, LR180-508B, LR180-509, LR180511, LR180511B, LR180-516, LR180725, LR180725C, LR180725E, LR180-730, LR180-731B, LR180-731C, LR180-733, LR180-733B, LR180734B, LR180734C, LR180735, LR180735B, LR180-736B, LR180-737B, LR180-737C, LR180-738, LR180-739, LR180741, LR180741B, LR180741C, LR180-743, LR180-743B, LR180-743C, LR180-745, LR180-745B, LR180-745C, LR180749B, LR180749C, LR180749E, LR180-750, LR180-754, LR180-757, LR180-761, LR185-701, LR185-701H, LR185-702, LR190-501C, LR190-501E, LR190-504C, LR190-505C, LR190-505E, LR190-505F, LR190-511, LR190-511B, LR190512, LR190512B, LR190512C, LR190-513, LR190-513B, LR190-515, LR190-515B, LR190-715B, LR190-715C, LR190-715E, LR190-716, LR190-716B, LR190-717, LR190-717B, LR190-717C, LR190-718, LR190-718B, LR190719, LR190719B, LR190-720, LR190-720B, LR190-721, LR190-722, LR190-725B, LR190-725E, LR190-725F, LR190-730, LR190-730B, LR190-730C, LR190-732, LR190-732B, LR190-732C, LR190-733, LR190-733B, LR190-733C, LR190734, LR190734B, LR190734C, LR190734E, LR190734G, LR190737B, LR190737E, LR190745, LR190752, LR190-753, LR190-754, LR190759, LR195-701, LR235-502B, LR235-502C, LR235-503B, LR235-503C, LR235-504, LR240-502B, LR240-502C, LR250-502B, LR250-502C, LR250-503, LR250-504, LR250-505B, LR250-505F, LR250-505G, LR250-506, LR250-506C, LR250-506F, LR250-507, LR260502, LR260-502B, LR260-502C, LR260-503, LR260504b
2310061U00, 8970758822, 897116088, 897116089, 897116090, 8971338540, 8971365752, 8971381712, 8971422441, 8971430110, 8971484960, 8971502000, 8971502001, 8971502010, 8971674881, 8971674941, 8971680070, 8971823790, 8971891122, 8971891123, 8971891124, 8971891133, 8971891134, 8971891137, 8972410210
IR5711, IR5728, IR5762, IR6031, IR6033, IR6166, IR6244, IR6268, IR6270, IR6298, IR6394, IR6453, IR6506, IR6542, IR6571, IR6820, IR6901, IR6969, IR6977, IR7503, IR7504, IR7521, IR7573, IR7577, IR7745, IR7756, IR7759, IR7760, IR7761, IR7763, IR7872
23100-07005, 231000C000, 23100-0C401, 231000E402, 231000E701, 231000E706, 23100-0H500, 231000M901, 23100-0P001, 23100-0P006, 23100-0P502, 23100-0P507, 23100-0P602, 23100-0T004, 2310012G02, 23100-1P006, 23100-1P100, 23100-32J03, 23100-32J04, 23100-37N02, 23100-43N00, 23100-43N01, 23100-50Y07, 23100-51N00, 231005C301, 23100-60U02, 23100-61U00, 23100-64J04, 2310064J05, 23100-6C300, 23100-77P00, 23100-85L00, 23100-86L01, 23100-86N01, 23100-97E01

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